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San Salvador, The Bahamas

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Bone Fishing Tours

Bonefishing in Pigeon Creek is a must for traveling fly-fishermen.

Bonefishing in pigeon creek for three hours; Customers are asked to bring their equipment with them. It is a catch and release, and nothing taken but pictures. Boat will be provided.

If you have a fly rod at home and you are planning a vacation to San Salvador, Bahamas, please don’t leave it there. You’ll regret it, we promise. San Salvador has some beautiful flats, full of BIG bonefish. Very few people bonefish here, and we respect the sport, so the action is one of a kind.

At Captain Jimmy Tours, we offer half and full day bonefishing tours. Start your day off with a substantial breakfast, and we’ll pick you up and head down to Pigeon Creek. The scenery is so beautiful that as you’re walking on the flats, ankle deep in water, it’s hard to focus on the fish.

Sight fishing for bonefish is a truly unique fishing experience. It’s so calm and thrilling. Our professional bonefishing guides will guide your along the flats in search of these easily spooked game fish. Fly fishing or spinning gear with ultra-light tackle is ideal. We’ll help you spot the fish, point out where to cast, and explain how to present your bait or fly to the fish. Stay sharp. Bonefish are lightning fast and cautious for unusual movements in their territory.

But when you do hook your first bonefish, you’ll get the hype. Hold on tight, and let your line zip zip zip away as your bonefish makes a run for its life, This is a feeling you’ll never forget. You’ll crave it for the rest of your life