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San Salvador, The Bahamas

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Iguana and Bird Island Tour

Ever set foot on a deserted island? Filled with iguanas?!

​Captain Jimmy Tours have the perfect half-day trip for wildlife and nature lovers. There are some small islands or ‘Cays’ around San Salvador, Bahamas, full of rare wildlife. A few of these keys are close together, and just short boat ride away. We’ll meet you at your hotel and drive over to Graham’s harbor, to start your island experience of a lifetime. Refreshments, snacks, and great company always provided. This tour can be extended by 1-3 hours to add fishing or snorkeling.

On the drive, your friendly guide will share the history of our small but unique island. The boat ride starts in the exact area that Christopher Columbus mentions in his diary.

After cruising past the barrier reef, we’ll ride to the first stop. An island where you can catch an eye full of many endangered species of birds. You’ll see Brown Boobies and Frigate birds to name a few. Frigatebirds are seabirds called Fregatidae found across all tropical and subtropical oceans. The five extant species classified in a single genus called Fregata.

Take some fresh pictures and get back in your seat for a quick run over to island number two, home to another rare species: The San Salvador Rock Iguana. Cyclura rileyi, commonly known as the Bahamian rock iguana or the San Salvador rock iguana, is a critically endangered species of lizard native to three island groups in the Bahamas.

Hop off the boat and get ashore to see the Iguanas come running to you, Don't panic they won't bite! They are accustom to being fed, so the race to you is just in the excitement of the food. You can walk the perimeter of this little island in 5 minutes, and the views are spectacular. Bahamian postcards don’t even have pictures this nice! Cliff jumping is an option for the thrill seekers among the group.

Captain Jimmy tours designed this tours for families and close friends. So grab someone you love, and maybe a couple Kalik’s, and embark on an experience filled with love, laughter, stunning views, and rare wildlife!