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San Salvador, The Bahamas

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Pigeon Creek Kayaking and Hike Tour

​Kayak through emerald waters and hike up to the most beautiful view of San Salvador.

​Pigeon Creek is a landmark of San Salvador, Bahamas. The creek is so beautiful that it still takes our breath away. Let Captain Jimmy Tours share this part of the island with you as you kayak and hike through the creek. This half-day tour is available in the morning and afternoon, and includes refreshments, snacks, and hotel pickup & drop off.

Your friendly guide will pick you up in a car and take you all the way around the island to Pigeon Creek. The views from the drive are spectacular, and that’s just the beginning. Pigeon Cree is the only tidal body of water on San Salvador and is home to many juvenile marine species such as fish, turtles, stingrays, and sharks.

Once we get to the creek, jump in the kayak and paddle your way through still emerald creek waters. On the way, you’ll encounter marine life such as turtles, stingrays, and juvenile fish along the mangroves. Pull up on the sandbank, take some photos, then grab your shoes for the short hike.

Walk uphill for 5-10 min to a local lookout tower. Once you get to the tower, you’ll see the most beauteous view of Pigeon Creek, and possibly the entire island. The color of the water is almost unreal. You’ll hear the ocean waves crash behind you as you look at the calm, peaceful creek.