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San Salvador, The Bahamas

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Secluded Beach Tours

Bath in the sun on secluded beaches,  where there's nobody but you and loved ones.

​San Salvador, Bahamas is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Crystal clear turquoise water, smooth, white sand, and not another soul in sight. Well… that is if you can make it out of your hotel to some of the more hidden and secluded beaches on the island!

At Captain Jimmy Tours, we can organize a half day trip to take you to beaches where you tan or swim in complete privacy. We’ll pick you up at your hotel, and drive you around the island to some pristine, untouched beaches. All you need to bring is a bathing suit, sunscreen, and some towels. Throughout the tour, we'll serve you fruits, water, and soft drinks so you can hydrate in between dips in the turquoise water.

Let us take you to several beaches around the island that is so remote and secluded that you can show off your birthday suit with no worries of anyone coming around. This is your chance to take those beautiful beach photos without other guests in the background! Enjoy some holiday time in a remote location, away from all the other guests.