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San Salvador, The Bahamas

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Reef Fishing Tours

An exciting, fast-paced fishing tour for the whole family.

Take an early morning trip with Captain Jimmy Tours and hop on a boat out to sea, not too far from the shore. Reef fishing consists of ‘trolling’ or ‘bottom fishing’ around our natural reefs to catch our local fish. San Salvador, Bahamas is a unique island with an abundance of reefs to fish on around the whole coast of the island. Therefore, unlike many other coastal areas and islands, we’ll hit our first fishing spots just a couple minutes off the shore. 

We’ll start your journey off with a little trolling. Put a yellow feather at the end of your line and hook a sweet Blue Runner Jack, a fierce Horse-Eyed Jack, or even a Barracuda up to 5ft long! Depending on the tide and on your luck, you might also catch a grouper. Then we’ll head over to a reef, anchor down, and bottom fish right off the side of the boat to have some fun with the Yellow Grunts, Schoolmaster Snappers, and Queen Triggerfish. Let’s get that cooler full of fish!

At Captain Jimmy Tours, the fish you catch is yours to keep. Take your fresh fish back to the hotel and enjoy it for dinner, or we can put together a delicious local meal featuring your fresh catch. Captain Jimmy  Reef Fishing Tour creates time sharing and family bonding easy. So don’t snooze,  put "Gone Fishing" on your room door,  and come with fish with us for an unforgettable experience!

Reef fishing is most productive in the early morning, can be plentiful throughout the day. We know our tides and spots, so can put you on fish any time of the day. Half day and full day tours available.