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San Salvador, The Bahamas

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Reef Fishing Tours

Take an early morning trip with Captain Jimmy Tours and hop on a boat out to sea, not too far from the shore. Reef fishing consists of ‘trolling’ or ‘bottom fishing’ around our natural reefs to catch our local fish.

Spearfishing Tours & Lessons

Spearfishing in San Salvador, Bahamas, is internationally known. If you’re looking to get that primal feeling of hunting for your dinner, then grab a spear, grab a sling, and head underwater. Ready to shoot some fish and lobster?

Bone Fishing Tours

If you have a fly rod at home and you are planning a vacation to San Salvador, Bahamas, please don’t leave it there. You’ll regret it, we promise. San Salvador has some beautiful flats, full of BIG bonefish.

Iguana and Bird Island Tour

Captain Jimmy Tours has the perfect half-day trip for wildlife and nature lovers. There are some small islands or ‘Cays’ around San Salvador, Bahamas, full of rare wildlife. A few of these cays are close together, and just short boat ride away

Paddle Boarding Tour through Pigeon Creek

Captain Jimmy Tours can take you on a paddle boarding adventure, gliding through the mirror-still waters along the perimeter of the Southwest section of Pigeon Creek. Escape the hotel and relax your mind and body as you paddle on the crystal-clear, emerald-green waters.

Kayaking Tour through Pigeon Creek

Pigeon Creek is a landmark of San Salvador, Bahamas. The creek is so beautiful that it still takes our breath away. Let Captain Jimmy Tours share this part of the island with you as you kayak and hike through the creek.

Nature & Wildlife Hikes

Whether you’re looking for a little workout in the morning to start your day or a little exercise to burn off your lunch, these hikes are for you. What better way to get some light exercise than to hike through beautiful nature, with breathtaking views of the entire island.

Secluded Beach Tours

San Salvador, Bahamas is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Crystal clear turquoise water, smooth, white sand, and not another soul in sight.

Town Visit with Local Meal

Captain Jimmy Tour can design a tour to take you around town to help you experience the real island life. Let us know which of the following activities sound appealing to you, and we’ll put together the perfect town visit.

Friday Night Island Party Tour (18+)

Let Captain Jimmy Tours take you to our island club, called “Juice”,  on Friday night. Experience a local Friday night party for yourself. See how Bahamians of all ages dance and have fun in our unique ways and culture.

San Salvador Island Tours & Excursions

If your vacation feels incomplete without a guided tour, we have several options for you to choose from at Captain Jimmy Tours. Wether you'd like to catch or eat fish, visit a private island, experience adventures in nature, or immerse yourself in local culture, we're here to help.