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San Salvador, The Bahamas

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Town Visit with Local Meal

Spend the day to visit downtown San Salvador and live like a local just for a couple of hours.

If it's your first, second, or even your third time here in San Salvador, Bahamas, then hopefully you’ve been to town and experienced some local after-work activities! If not, then you’re missing you. But it’s never too late. Captain Jimmy Tour can design a tour to take you around town to help you experience the real island life. Let us know which of the following activities sound appealing to you, and we’ll put together the perfect town visit.

Drive around the island to see some beautiful views, coastlines, and scenery. Meet some old locals that can tell you all about how the island was in the late 50s. Take a trip to our local food truck to try some Bahamian dishes featuring fresh Snapper, mutton, crab rice, and many more. Have a taste of sweet, fruity, lime-y, Conch salad for an afternoon snack. Visit the local bar for a cold Kalik and good conversation. Head to the south side to see the rock that never stops dripping water or the lookout tower that overlooks the ocean. Go for a quick walk on a secluded beach. Head around the corner for a quick tour of Watling’s castle. Visit the woodcarver’s station to take home some memories. Swing by the local liquor store to pick up local liquor or wine. Step into some local shops and grocery stores to have a look around or pick up some island goods. And finally, watch the beautiful sunset before going back to being a classic tourist in your hotel.

Let us know your schedule, number of people, and what of the above interests you the most so we can provide the best possible experience for you, your friends, and your family.